Suitable for all fitness levels, you should be free from injury.

Our classes offer a whole body workout that will make you sweat due to the challenging and tailored resistance workout. This class combines our Reformer Pilates beds (the equipment*) and uses your own body strength throughout.

If you are looking to tone & strengthen all over while achieving an amazing stretch and noticeable muscle difference; then you are going to love our Reformer Pilates Classes.

We have options to make you sweat a little or a LOT, your core & posture will love you for it. 

Please note: all Reformer Classes are held in our studio opposite HQ - 586 Dean Street.


cardio + strength / building core strength and improve your alignment

Just you and your mat – you’ll learn to engage your core and articulate your spine. Pilates provides the framework for a balanced, mobile body, and regular pilates classes will see you maximising your results in all your other classes. Improve your form and work out lying down?

There’s a reason people are addicted to pilates. You will learn to move mindfully. inside and outside of the studio, and feel damn good. 

All classes give options for beginners to advanced students.